The advantages of
Cloud Computing

What can cloud computing do for me?

In-Touch IT Solutions specializes in demonstrating the value of, and deploying, powerful collaboration tools that enable your entire office to work productively from any of their mobile devices.

Cloud-based email and collaboration systems leverages the power and reliability of a third party service provider who provides hosted services to allow employees to work productively from any device, anywhere in the world, without you needing to administer your own server.

Cloud based email and collaboration platforms let you:

  1. See your email on your phone, tablet or computer, and have all three devices stay seamlessly synchronized
  2. Maintain a shared contact list between your phone and computer, and between staff members
  3. Create shared calendars that multiple staff members can instantly access from their phone or computer
  4. Do all of this securely, without needing to manage your own infrastructure

There are many cloud based solutions on the market today. In-Touch IT Solutions specializes in implementing Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Both of these products are phenomenal web based messaging and collaboration system that are constantly evolving and innovating to support the latest devices and the latest technology.

Google leverages the power of their already popular Gmail email platform, and Microsoft provides seamless connectivity with their already popular Microsoft Outlook client. Both products support email, calendars, contacts and document sharing, all while retaining your own domain name (

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How can I take advantage of this?

Call In-Touch IT Solutions today to schedule an assessment and consultation of your needs. We’re the Google Apps and Office 365 implementation experts and we can help you transition to a cloud based collaboration solution easily and seamlessly.

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