We Learn Your Business

Every business is different, and we strive to thoroughly understand each of our customers, the computer systems they use and the environment they use them in. You aren’t just a case number here.

We keep detailed documentation and notes of our clients, their computers, the layout of their network, and the software and systems that they use. We keep this information up to date and we give YOU access to these notes as well, so that everybody fully understands how your computers systems work and nobody can “hold the keys to the castle” over your head.

From one small business to another – we feel that this personal touch and transparency is absolutely necessary to properly support our clients.

Remote and On-Site Support

In-Touch offers high quality computer support, troubleshooting and technical support, available instantly through remote support, or on-site at your office.

  • Fast, experienced computer support from talented computer technicians
  • Remote support over the phone, via email and Internet remote control
  • Onsite support at your office

Server and Network Administration

We provide support, maintenance and troubleshooting services for Windows servers and networks. Small businesses often rely on a small amount of infrastructure to run a major part of their business, and we make sure it’s running at its best performance at all times. We help you adhere to industry best-practices, understand Microsoft licensing requirements, and develop deployment and support strategies that help you make the most out of the computer systems you use at your office.

  • Configuring and deploying robust, powerful servers that can serve the needs of your users and your network
  • Enforcing configuration of your computers to adhere to your company policies
  • Centralizing and managing the deployment of new software and updates, helping you stay in control of your own systems
  • Shared network folders and printers, centralized logon, and secure remote access
  • Backup strategy planning.

Desktop Support and Maintenance

Desktop support helps your staff focus on their work, instead of fixing and maintaining their computers. Providing competent desktop support service to your staff can virtually eliminate most computer issues that lead to slowdown, crashing and generally flaky unpredictable behavior. While your other software vendors and service providers are pointing their fingers at each other, we are hands-on, fixing the problem and twisting arms to get the problem solved.

Some of our services include:

  • Access to enterprise-grade antivirus software, monitored and managed by In-Touch IT.
  • Regular scanning and removal of viruses, spyware and “bloatware” to maintain system performance.
  • Troubleshooting problems with third party software.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware.


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